Lights Out – Omens Spoilers That Excite Me

Spoilers for Omens of the Past are in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier (unless the actual set comes out this week)! We’ve gotten a lot of cool cards in the last couple of weeks, and everyone seems to be making a video with their thoughts about them. I prefer the good old-fashioned text format myself, so let’s hop right in.

Waystone Infuser


Drawing cards? Sign me up! Waystone Infuser is an amazing card advantage machine, being playable from the top of your deck and making sure you draw more gas by playing power off the top of your deck. Imagine having an empty hand in the late game, then seeing a Waystone Infuser on top of your deck, playing it, and then playing another power off the top of your deck – so much gas! I’m super excited for any cards that encourage grinding incremental advantages over the course of the game, as those sorts of games are the ones where every decision really matters.

I see Infuser fitting in a variety of slower Time strategies like Big Combrei and Xenan control. I could see an anti-aggro version of “Medium Combrei” that cuts Mystic Ascendant entirely for being too slow and relies on Siraf, the Great Parliament, and Waystone Infuser to carry the late game while being respectable cards against aggro. She could also fit in possible new turbo-ramp or Lifeforce decks using stuff like Infuser, Sanctuary Priest, and Beckoning Lumen. Speaking of…

Beckoning Lumen


There isn’t an obvious home for Beckoning Lumen, as the existing cards that can trigger Lifeforce every turn like Sanctuary Priest and Stronghold’s Visage are pretty underpowered, but I have high hopes for some good enablers in Omens of the Past. Drawing an extra card every turn is a big payoff, and much like Waystone Infuser leads to longer games if you are drawing a lot of extra cards and gaining a lot of health.

TJS seems like the natural faction combination for Lifeforce decks, as you get strong Justice health gaining cards like Spirit Guide and Stonepowder Alchemist.

Stonepowder Alchemist

Stonepowder Alchemist.jpg

No one seems to be talking about this card, and I think it will be a solid role player in Argenport-based decks that need some more anti-aggro units than just Steward of the Past. Alchemist drains the opponent for 2 with his summon, gains you another 2 when he blocks, then comes back in few turns and does it again (and with this much health gain, you are likely to survive until his Revenge Destiny triggers. Even conservatively saying Alchemist just blocks a 2 strength unit, that’s 6 health gain now and potentially more later. That’s big game against aggro decks where a 2/2 is likely to be able to block and trade with something.

Tock Tick

Tock Tick.jpg

I may have to take back every bad thing I ever said about Dark Roaches and splash in some Shadow, because we’ve got a great one here! Clockroach decks suffer against aggro, but a cheap unit that can chump block early and then come back in a few turns as a 3/3 or bigger to stabilize the board is just what the doctor ordered. Revenge is also great with Crown of Possibilities because the unit will get one skill the first time you draw it and another when it comes back with Destiny later on. I’m very excited to find the new best version of Roaches.

Inquisitor Makto


And it might even include this guy! Revenge is super sweet with Crown, so how about ENDLESS REVENGE. I love the flavorful rules text on Makto and Spirit of Resistance, and the powerful effects are really viscerally conveyed. Anyways, Makto is obviously great in any sort of midrange or control deck with Shadow and Justice, and I expect him to be one of the most popular cards in the set. I’m also looking forward to all of the “Makto bod” memes.

Skyward Seer


Skyward Seer probably isn’t good enough, but maybe Combrei Healer can sneak in for damage more often than I think and Seer is a good card to tutor for Eilyn in Eilyn combo decks that can’t play any good Primal card draw. Probably not good enough, but there’s a chance.

Leave of Witness


More sweepers is always nice, although this one does cost a ton. It seems like primarily a sideboard card for Combrei mirrors, where you can wipe a losing board and leave your Siraf around, but it might see some ranked play if the meta ever slows down and decks with lots of fatties become popular.

Kaleb’s Choice


Now this is what I’m talking about! Backlash and Ruin aren’t good enough to see much play on ladder, but both together in one card is amazing! Basically every deck has either spells or attachments, and Kaleb’s Choice is a major pull to Skycrag as a faction combination. This will see play in aggressive and controlling decks of all stripes. On top of all that, it has some desperately-lacking male fan service. The world could use some more rippling abs.

Eilyn’s Choice


Eilyn’s Choice, on the other hand, doesn’t seem quite good enough. If the Vanquish mode didn’t have an attacking condition or it could negate any spell I’d be all about it, but as it stands the card is probably a one- or two-of in Hooru control and that’s it.



This is my pick for the most important card in the set so far. Stuff like Groundbreaker and Makto might be more powerful and flashy, but Extract gives controlling shadow decks like Feln and Xenan exactly what they need: removal that can hit relic weapons, card selection, and health gain. Every part of this card is great, and even as a 3 power slow spell I expect it to see a ton of play and be very good. Scheme doesn’t do enough, and here we get some card selection without taking time off from affecting the board. Awesome, more like this please.

Those are the cards that have most excited me in the last few weeks, and only around 20% of the set has been spoiled so far! I’m super excited to get my hands on all of these and the other new cards. What are you going to brew first?

Until next time, may all of your build-arounds find support.



  1. Has it been confirmed that Clockroach (the card) buffs Tock Tick? It would be great if it does but there is a chance it doesn’t (depending on if Cleackroach’s summon ability is talking about the card or the subtype).

  2. I wrote this before the legendary spoilers last night; I’m super excited about this legendary cycle! The game needs more power sinks like these.

    The Hooru legend (Kothon) seems like the most powerful, and fits right in basically every Primal and Justice deck, from Hooru Control to Chalice to Pajama Pants. I’m very excited to play this card which is basically more copies of The Great Parliament that can block early.

    The Xenan legand (Ayan) seems very powerful, as a 3 power 3/3 Ambush Lifesteal is solid on its own (especially against non-Fire opponents), and he has basically a one-shot Siraf activation that is guaranteed to be something huge.

    The Argenport legend (Bartholo) has the funniest moniker (the Seducer), and I’m frightened of what this card may do. Unblockable + Aegis is just asking for more non-interactive Aegis + weapon decks, which is not a direction I’m a fan of. The Ultimate is almost irrelevant.

    Diogo and Vadius seem like solid cards for aggressive decks in their faction pairs, but for both the Ultimate is just gravy on an already-decent body. Diogo’s guitar is awesome, though – I’m hoping for an ETC-style voice clip. “I bring the mega-deth!”

  3. Did you consider last night spoilers when you made this list ? I’m talking about the reveal of Sleepless night, Relentless gorehorn, Ayan, Kothon, Bartholo, Viadus and Diogo ? If no, what do you think of these ones ?

    I’m really liking Diogo in a Praxis Killer deck with the usual titans, carnosaurs and mentors

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