Announcing “Bring the Bling”

Caiphus is having a wake, and everyone who’s anyone is invited! All the richest and best looking cards will be there to strut their stuff! Bring your gaudiest, flashiest decks on down and claim the top prize at Bring the Bling!

When: Sunday, May 28th, beginning at 12pm EDT. Registration deadline is 24 hours before the event.

Register Here

Special Rules

Only the fanciest of cards need apply – commons won’t even get in the door. You’ll be allowed to bring one uncommon servant for each nine guests you bring, but make no mistake, this is not their night. Legandaries will take the center stage, while rares clash on the outskirts for attention and the exotic Promos draw the eye with their novelty. No noble gets anywhere without influence, and therefore power of any kind is acceptable, regardless of rarity. Ambition is not a trait you’ll pry from aristocrats easily, so you’ll see plenty of Seek Power at the event!

Premium cards are far more expensive than regular cards, and therefore highly prized in this event. Fully foiling your deck is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Special Rules in plain text

  • Rare cards, Promo Cards, and Legendary cards are all legal, with no special restrictions
  • 10% of your deck may be composed of cards of the uncommon rarity – for a 75 card deck plus a 15 card sideboard (90 cards) that means you may register 9 uncommon cards. Higher deck size does allow you to play more uncommons.
  • Basic sigils have no special restrictions
  • All cards of common rarity are banned, with the following exceptions:
    • Power is exempt from all rarity restrictions. Banners are legal, and seats, diplomatic seal, and monuments do not count against your uncommon restrictions.
    • Seek Power is legal.

The tournament will be following our standard Swiss format, with a cut to top 8 once the swiss portion of the event is complete. Decks are standard size (minimum 75 card main deck, maximum 15 card sideboard). We’ll be using the standard ruleset, found here.


1st Place: $25, and the Eternal Throne!

2nd Place: $15

3rd/4th Place: $5

Special Awards (No Prizing, but tons of respect)

Cards exempt from rarity restrictions (power, seek power) don’t count as any rarity for the purpose of these awards.

Foil King: Awarded to highest placing player(s) with a fully foiled deck. Players will be asked to show us their fully foiled deck in some way.

Noble or No Go: Awarded to the highest placing player with a deck contains no uncommons.

Rare Resolve: Awarded to the highest placing player with a deck that contains no Legendaries.

You Are Legend: Awarded to the highest placing player(s) with a deck that contains no non-power cards of non-legendary rarity.

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