Announcing “Three Deck Titan” sponsored by kcbandit

Hello everyone! After a number of exciting high stakes tournaments, we’re ready to move back to one focused more on fun than cutthroat competitive play. ETS fan kcbandit is sponsoring a fun tournament called Three Deck Titan, and we want you to participate!

When does the tournament take place?

The Three Deck Titan tournament will take place on Saturday, April 29th, beginning at 12pm EST. Registration for the tournament is currently open, and closes at 11:59 pm EDT on Friday, April 28th. Check in for the tournament will begin half an hour before and will take place in the tournament-results discord channel.

Click here to register for the tournament!

Tournament Format

The Three Deck Titan tournament will be a Swiss tournament with a cut to same day Top 8 based on record -> OMW%. The majority of the rules from our other tournaments carry over, however there are some major exceptions. TDT is a Unified Conquest tournament – rather than registering a single 75 card deck with a 15 card sideboard, you will instead register three unified 75 card decks. Unified means that you cannot play more than four total copies of a card across all three of your registered decks, with only basic sigils exempt from this rule. Conquest changes the way matches are played out – rather than playing a best of three with sideboarding, players will play in a best of five Conquest match to determine the winner.

Conquest Format

For the first game of a conquest match, each player may choose any of their three decks to begin with. Once both players have chosen their deck, play proceeds as normal. The winning player may not use that deck for the remainder of the match – they must choose one of their two remaining decks for the second game. The losing player can again choose any of their three decks for the second game – they don’t need to stick with the deck they just lost with. Winning decks continue to be eliminated and this process continues until one player wins a game with each of their three decks, at which point they win the match.

Other Rules Modifications

Round time has been extended from 45 minutes to 55 minutes to account for best of 5 rounds. Since there is no sideboarding in this tournament, we expect that amount of time to be more than adequate. Beyond the mentioned modifications, the tournament will follow regular ETS rules, which can be found on the ETS Rules page.

Prizing (fully sponsored by kcbandit)

This is a fun tournament rather than a serious one, so we’ve got a number of special prizing for high placing players who follow deckbuilding restrictions, in addition to regular finishing prizes. kcbandit has recently increased the tournament prize pool to $300! Check out the new prizing.

First Place: $100 cash prize. No Champion badge for this tournament, I’m afraid.

Second Place: $60 cash prize.

Third/Fourth Place: $30 cash prize.

Fifth through Eighth Place: $15 cash prize.

Special Prizes

Combrei Hater Award: $10 cash prize. Awarded to the highest placing player who did not submit a deck containing both Time and Justice cards.

Mono Hero Award: $10 cash prize. Awarded to the highest placing player who submitted three monofaction decks. (Monofaction decks contain cards with only one factions influence)

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