Midseason Major Viewer’s Guide

Over the last six months, we’ve run three full seasons of the Eternal Tournament Series. Many of you have watched and some of you have played in our tournaments, and wondered: what does it build to? Well, it all builds up to the ETS Midseason Major, the highest stakes Eternal Tournament ever with a $500 Prize Pool! Fifteen of the top performing players from the Eternal Tournament Series have been invited, along with one lucky Last Chance Qualifier winner. They’ve been divided into pods, and will be battling it out within their pods for a chance to advance to day two and claim their share of the prize money.

What to Watch

The tournament stream goes live on https://www.twitch.tv/arengeeeternal at 12pm EST on Saturday, April 15th. However, matches will have already begun behind the scenes. We start with pod A, who will have already played their first round by this point. Our first broadcast match will be between players who won their first match – the winner will move on to Day 2 and top 8! After that, we’ll look at the match between the losers of the first round – loser goes home, winner advances to a final match against the last remaining player. That match is for all the marbles – win and move on, lose and its over! After Group A, we’ll be moving on the the other groups in sequence, showing you the elimination/advancement games for each group. There will be twelve rounds broadcast, so plenty of high stakes Eternal action!

Official Bracket: http://eternalcg.challonge.com/MSM

Group A


Season One Invitational Champion Toth201 heads up Group A. Until recently, he was our highest ranked player, and he’ll be fighting hard to reclaim his title. Against him is Rewind, the player with the most ETS Finalist results – but no wins. He’ll be looking for his first win here, starting with a win against Toth201. Rounding out the bracket, we have popular draft streamer SirRhino, who finds himself in the muddy waters of constructed yet again. How will he fare against vocal ladder player and season two IP leader Ilyak?

Vote for which two players you think will advance from Group A!

Group B


Leading off Group B is Season Two Invitational Champion iReedMinds. He hasn’t played much in the ETS in Season Three, but he’ll need to be back in top form if he wants to win the MSM. Facing off against him is Shedd, a lover of Stonescar and three time invitational attendee. Rounding out the bracket we have popular streamer LocoPojo, who came second at the Season Two Invitational. He’ll be up against Brazilian hero LoveUP, who earned his place here off a 3rd place finish at the Season Three Invitational.

Vote for which two players you think will advance from Group B!

Group C


Group C contains our most recent Champion, Season Three Invitational Champion Angrychicken. His recent results have been incredible, including an undefeated run at the Season Three Invitational. Facing him is JockeD, a player who doesn’t play many tournaments but tends to win the ones he attends. On the other side we have Season One Finalist KampfKrote, a burn player who’s taken a couple months off from the ETS. Facing him is Paradox, a rookie player who Top 6’d the Season Three Invitational to earn his place here.

Vote for which two players you think will advance from Group C!

Group D


Our highest ranked player, Unearthly, heads up Group D. He’s come Top 8 or better at every Invitational and won three weekly tournaments. Facing off against him is LCQ winner smj1360, who smashed his way to a win with an undefeated 9-0 record. Rounding out the group we have a Season Three Invitational rematch: Finalist Sarius faces off against 4th place HiThar.

Vote for which two players you think will advance from Group D!

Day Two

The top 2 players from each group will advance to play in an 8 person double elimination tournament, starting at 12pm EST on Sunday, April 16th. We’ll be bringing you nearly every match from that tournament, so you won’t want to miss any of the action! Every player who makes day two is in the money, which leads us to…

Tournament Prizing

It wouldn’t be a tournament without prizing, now would it? A huge thanks to EternalNexus and our own MillerTool, who are sponsoring the tournament and without whom this $500 prize pool would never have been possible.

First Place: The first place player receives the title of Midseason Major Champion (which auto-qualifies this player for the World Championships), the Champion Discord badge, a cash prize of $200, and 16 Series Points.

Second Place: A cash prize of $100 and 12 Series Points.

Third/Fourth Place: A cash prize of $50 and 8 Series Points.

Fifth through Eighth Place: A cash prize of $25 and 4 Series Points.

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