Update: New Weekly Columns and Midseason Major

Hello everyone! I’ve got two announcements to make today, but I’ll make them quick. The information page for the Midseason Major has now been posted and full details are available! The tournament is still 5 weeks away, but players are going to want to start preparing for our largest prize pool yet, a full $500!

Secondly, we recently reached our Patreon goal of expanded article content, and are proud to bring you two new weekly columns! Thanks to everyone who supported us in reaching this goal as we look to our next goal, monthly Sunday tournaments. You should already be fairly familiar with the writers that are running these new columns.

First up we have rekenner with Best of Three, a tournament focused column that will run on Tuesdays. Fans of rekenner’s previous tournament recaps will enjoy more weekly roundups in the new column, now on a regular day! As he goes through the column he’s sure to expand beyond simple recaps and bring more of his (growing) stat database to bear.

Lastly we have aReNGee taking over the empty Thursday slot with Building Better, a deckbuilding focused column. Expect articles breaking down decks, talking about tech choices, and walking you through important parts of the deckbuilding process. It’s been a long time since aReNGee has been a regular columnist, but we’ll pretend he made his mark with the Masterlist series and has a reputation as a top deckbuilder.

These two new columns will join with our existing ones to give you a different weekly column every weekday!

Full Column Schedule

Mondays: Going Deep by Neon
Tuesdays: Best of Three by rekenner
Wednesdays: Lights Out by LightsOutAce
Thursdays: Building Better by aReNGee
Fridays: Scions School by LocoPojo