ETS Preview Card: Shadowlands Feaster

Hey guys, aReNGee here with a legendary preview card from the upcoming Jekk’s Bounty! Most of you will have seen this card previewed already on stream, so here it is:


What can I do with this card?

Shadowlands Feaster is a 5/6 Flying Ambush – those are some pretty reasonable stats and very relevant abilities. Shadowlands Feaster can swoop down and snack on an Icaria without missing a beat. It hops in front of midsized units with ease, and can drop down end of turn to munch on a relic weapon. Ambush means that it dodges slow removal the turn you play it – while the Feaster is weak to removal like Permafrost and Vanquish, you should always get in an attack or block before it is available for targeting. Watch out for Annihilate and Deathstrike!

A 5/6 Flying Ambush with no other text would be a reasonable card, but Shadowlands Feaster comes with an additional, static ability. “When an enemy unit dies, it goes to your void.” This is a weird line of text, and before people get TOO excited I have to warn you, this has no impact on enemy Entombs. They’ll get the effect as normal. This stops recursion effects, like Dawnwalker and Ephermeral Wisp, from functioning as your opponents would like. It also frustrates void-recursion based strategies like those built around Haunting Scream or Smuggler’s Stash. Even Vara is potentially left without targets.

Where does this card fit?

“Wherever you want” is the cope out answer, but you all know me better than that.  The first thing we need to note about Shadowlands Feaster is its cost: seven. That’s a lot of power, and you can’t just throw it in any deck and hope to succeed. You’re going to need a deck that regularly has seven power in play and can handle double shadow. Feln Control decks seems like a natural fit – it handles relic weapons and Icaria rather well, which is one of the Feln’s weaknesses. Larger Stonescar decks could take advantage of this card – its keywords allow it to fly above the deadly unit fueled board stalls Stonescar can get into, and ambush gives the deck more enemy turn interaction. Hopping down and eating an Umbren Reaper or an Impending Doom is also fun.

Beyond Feln and Stonescar, there’s no clear fit for Shadowlands Feaster at the moment. Stealing your opponent’s units is powerful, but I’m not certain the cards are there at the moment to make it anything more than incidental void hate. Still, we have 15 other new cards coming – these new cards will likely bring new archetypes! Who knows where the Feaster will end up?

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