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With the meta about to change with the infusion of new cards and the ETS Invitational looming, there isn’t a good reason to write my usual strategy article this week. In order to still provide some entertaining (and maybe even educational) content, I decided to mix it up this week. Without further ado, some Eternal top 5’s!

Top 5 Removal Spells

  1. Vanquish

Vanquish is my pick for the best situational removal spell in Eternal. All of the cards like this (Suffocate, Permafrost, Scorpion Wasp, Annihilate) are meta-dependent, but Vanquish is almost always good. As long as Sandstorm Titan and Champion of Chaos see play (and they always will), Vanquish will be good to put them down.

  1. Desert Marshall

I know, I know, Desert Marshall is a unit, but it functions as a removal spell enough of the time that I’m willing to forgive it for that. The Marshall is so good against so many cards, and can even be a surprise attacker when needed. Every time an uppity Umbren Reaper meets his end at the smoking gun of a Desert Marshall, I smile a little inside.

  1. Deathstrike

Deathstrike isn’t particularly efficient or flashy, but it is consistent and unconditional. Need a unit dead? Deathstrike will kill it, no questions asked, and at fast speed, to boot! It isn’t in every shadow deck, but it’s always at least a consideration.

  1. Harsh Rule

Harsh Rule is the most powerful removal spell in Eternal – kill ALL units, no qualifier. Barring a pesky aegis the board will be clear, and you’ll be safe for a turn at least. It’s what allows many slower decks to exist and what scares aggro decks with units above 2 health.torch

  1. Torch

It’s hard to argue with Torch. It’s just so efficient, cheap, and versatile. It can be used as removal for units that cost 2 or 3 power, damage against relic weapons, or in combination with another card to kill larger units. An automatic 4-of in any deck with fire influence.


Top 5 Sweet Cards That Make Me Want to Play Any Deck I See With Them

  1. Channel the Tempest

This is the most competitive card on this list, which is why it only comes in at number 5. There have been viable decks looking to Channel the Tempest in the past, and I’m sure there will be again. That said, I just have to take any list playing it for a spin in ranked. My favorite deck containing it was the “Come On Eilyn” combo deck that used minotaur Ambassador to ramp up your power so that you could play Eilyn, Queen of the Winds and trigger her multiple times the same turn with Jotun Hurler Snowballs, playing Channels and Gemini Rituals (which has now had its name changed the Strength of the Pack), which were the only primal spells in the deck.

  1. Feln Cauldron

Sure, five random spells isn’t GREAT, but it IS cool. If you can gain some value from the discarding with Privilege of Rank or reanimation, all the better. The shell doesn’t have enough pieces to be competitive yet, but keep an eye on this one in the future.

  1. The Last Word

Another card that has seen some play in the past, but The Last Word is a little too slow now. If there is a deck that can support it, though, you can bet it is super durdly and awesome and I want to play it! Plus, it used to be called The Deathstroke, which is even more hardcore.

  1. Crown of Possibilities

I miss Clockroaches. I played the deck a lot, and loved all of the cool moments it could create: destiny Temple Scribe to stabilize and come back against Rakano Warcry, 10/10 flying lifesteal ambush double damage aegis quickdraw overwhelm Clockroach. The change to only give echoed units one skill instead of two makes it too slow to pull off with any sort of consistency now, but I’m still on the lookout for any deck that makes it work.

  1. Call the Ancients

Ever since I saw the first “Windy Giants” deck with Call of the Ancients and Whispering Wind to try and find them I’ve tried to make Call the Ancients work, with little success. The card is obviously extremely high-variance and card disadvantage, but it’s so hilarious and tilting for your opponent when it works that I have to try. If there is no joy, there is no reason to play a game.

Top 5 Ranked Decks Right Now

  1. Stonescar Burn

It’s kind of dated, but Stonescar Burn will still deliver a harsh lesson to anyone trying to durdle around. Stonescar Burn is almost solely responsible for the decline in slow midrange and control decks like Big Combrei and Icaria Blue, as those decks have no trouble stabilizing the board, but can’t muster enough pressure to end the game before they get burned out from 20 health.

  1. Queen Jito

No one respects Queen Jito, but it has been killing people on turn 4 or 5 for as long as I can remember. If you can fade lightning Storm, there are few things you need to fear as a Jito player. As a bonus, it absolutely crushes Rakano Warcry, the current bane of the ranked ladder.

  1. Rakano Warcry

Approximately a million nerfs later, Rakano Warcry keeps on trucking. The little Warcry crew just keep finding a way to win. The current popular version maxes out on Finest Hour to push its smaller units through early and relies on Soulfire Drake and/or Deepforged Plate to finish the game, but it has seen many plans, from Silverwing Familiar + Gilded Glaive to Sparring Partner + Ornate Katana.

  1. Felnscar Control

Felnscar boosts pretty good matchups against all of the aggro decks, and can hang with all but the greediest control decks in the late game. It’s only real weakness is to relic weapons, but Armory and Icaria Blue are on the decline with Shimmerpack and Stonescar Burn being popular. A very solid choice for fighting the aggro scourge and climbing the ladder.

  1. Elysian Shimmerpack

Shimmerpack is just so resilient and powerful. It can block and hold the board with its many units early, and it can play into the super late game with Xenan Obelisks scaling all of its threats up to fight with more expensive units. The card Shimmerpack can reverse almost any unfavorable board position, and the deck even packs some free-win factor with Sandstorm Titan beatdown and Wump into Scouting Party. I don’t think there is a better all-around ladder deck right now.

Top 5 Cards I Miss From Closed Beta

  1. Unexpected Arrival

unexpected-arrivalHave you ever cast an Unexpected Arrival? No? Neither has anyone else, but it sure looks cool. Random units at whatever cost you want is like a bad Copper Conduit that doesn’t synergize with Dark Return. Hmm, when I put it that way it doesn’t seem as exciting…

  1. Coup de Grace

coup-de-graceIt didn’t see any play when it existed, but Coup de Grace allows infinite combat steps with West Wind Herald and the upcoming Cabal Spymaster, so it would definitely see some experimental play in that goofy combo deck.

  1. Dimensional Rift

dimensional-riftNo one has taken the loss of Dimensional Rift harder than SirRhino, who still holds out hope that it will be re-added to the game as a promo card in the future. D-Rift was absurdly expensive, but a blast when you managed to pull it off. Gotta get Drifty in here! 

  1. Push Onward

push-onwardPush Onward was a 3P spell that let you add one of the top 3 cards of your deck to your hand and reduce its cost by 1. Besides the surprise turn 4 Harsh Rules, this enabled powerful card selection for primal decks between this and Wisdom of the Elders. Now you need to add Shadow for Scheme to get this sort of selection.

  1. Secret Pages

secret-pagesSecret Pages still exists, but its current form bears little resemblance to the Secret Pages I knew and loved in fall 2016. The 2 cost spell with echo that searched your deck for a sigil and added it to your hand enabled astonishing influence consistency for midrange and control decks, enabling Big Combrei to splash any faction it wanted and creating awesome decks like 4-faction control. Echo Pages, RIP.

Top 5 Cards Reddit Complains About

  1. Xenan Obelisk

Why does it give +2/+2 at 8 power? It’s not like that’s even hard to reach with all of the units that search up power the deck runs. Once there are two Obelisks in play, even the lowliest Temple Scribe is a 5/5 that draws a card when summoned. I wouldn’t mind if the card was taken down a notch, either by making the second boost kick in at 10 power or making it an ultimate ability.

  1. Crownwatch Paladin

Yeah, aegis is dumb. If I could pick any card responsible for more of my losses than any other, it would be Crownwatch Paladin, and for that alone, I’d love to see it nerfed into the ground. That said, it does give players a reason to put weapons into their constructed decks, so maybe the unending frustration and salt she inspires is worth it.

…Nah, nerf the hell out it.

  1. Seek Power

This is less of a complaint about the card, but more a complaint because a lot of people don’t use the card enough. I’m a big proponent of playing a lot of power in pretty much every deck besides Queen Jito (including draft decks!).  You will have more consistent development and get power-screwed less often. Three-faction decks with heavy influence requirements should look into playing a few Banners even if they don’t play many units. Play more Banners and Seek Power!

  1. Valkyrie Enforcer

Valkyrie Enforcer is extremely efficient for its cost, but it isn’t game-breaking or overly dominant. I like that Eternal packs somewhat-narrow answers into units that are already efficient enough to see play (like Enforcer and Steward of the Past), which leads to more interaction in ranked games. Aggro decks normally wouldn’t pack very many answer cards in their decks, but when an answer to a troublesome effect is stapled onto a 3-cost 3/3 flyer it opens up some room for play and counterplay from the aggro side.

  1. Sandstorm Titan

The bane of new players everywhere, Sandstorm Titan is an over-statted, under-costed beatstick that fits in any time deck. I personally don’t think the card needs a nerf, but it has spawned more heated discussion than any other card in Eternal’s short life. The barest mention of Titan spawns an entire reddit thread. I think all of the Titan hate will disappear and the ubiquitous Titan will be celebrated, however, once voice acting is put into the game Darude – Sandstorm plays every time a Titan drops onto the battlefield.

 Top 5 Contributors

  1. [RNG]…no, wait, I don’t want to get fired. Next one!

Top 5 Most Embarrassing aReNGee Typos

On second thought, I still don’t want to get fired.

Top 5 BAE


  1. Elysian Trailblazer

She’s cute, has gorgeous hair, and does a lot of work in the right circumstances, but the setup cost is very high. I can’t quite justify the overhead cost for Elysian Trailblazer, but she is going to make some wacky deckbuilder incredibly happy.

Vara, Fate-Touched.png

  1. Vara, Fate-Touched

Vara is edgy and expensive, but if you can support her she’s well worth it. She’ll even bring along friends wherever she go, so you know it’s going to be a party once Vara arrives. Men want her, shadow units want to be with her, and she’s got a deadly edge if you cross her. It’s best to stay on her good side!


  1. Cabal Countess

Cabal Countess is very sexualized, and she knows how to flaunt it to get what she wants. You can’t beat her to the the draw – she’ll always ambush you. If you’re looking for glamorous and dangerous, the Countess has got what you want in spades.


  1. Icaria, the Liberator

Icaria is a rebel with a cause –  big stats, five(!) skills, and a huge boon for the next unit or weapon on top of your deck. This Valkyrie can fly with the best of them, and she has the endurance to keep going all night long. There are some who claim Icaria is the one and only, but I think there’s one better…


  1. Knight-Chancellor Siraf

Siraf really does it all – great early, even better late; A classic beauty who improves with age. Eminem wouldn’t even believe she’s real  – a female with good stats who blocks and swings. The safety and security you feel when you have Siraf in your deck can only be matched by the safety and security of your actual significant other in your arms.

  1. My wife (just in case she reads this)

Top 5 Emotes

  1. Well, look who wandered in.

This is a very nice greeting that isn’t as boring as “hello” or as overbearing as “good luck. You’ll need it!” It strikes a nice balance and wanders into the top 5 emotes.

  1. You’ve got to be kidding!

This is the incredulous emote you’re looking for. When life has you down, when you miss your third power drop, when your opponent rips their one-outer. You’ve got to be kidding me!

  1. Well played.

An oldie but goodie. “Well Played” is classic and timeless – it’s really the brandy by the fireplace, the top hat and monocle of emotes. It’s respectful to drop it at the end of a good game, and doesn’t make anyone mad even someone messed up or got unlucky. A must-have on any emote wheel.

  1. I like your style.

“I like your style’ is the perfect emote for showing appreciation for your opponent’s cool deck or plays, while also maintaining some versatility in mocking mistakes or odd choices. A well-rounded and brilliant emote.


Most of the lists in this article are just my opinion, but this is just objectively the best emote. If you think there is a better emote to convey the depths of your joy, incredulousness, or scorn, then BWAHAHAHAHA!

(Editor’s note: I find the omission of the  “I’ll be your huckleberry” and “First luck, then skill, now victory!” emotes appalling, and calls into question the quality of LightsOutAce as a writer/human being. The views expressed here are solely his own, and do not reflect the consensus view of the editorial staff here at RNG Eternal.)


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