Prizing Update: Season Two Invitational and Pillars of Amar Team Tournament

I’m sure everyone is as excited as I am for our upcoming double elimination tournaments, including our invite-only Season Two Invitational and first ever Team Tournament. I’d like to take a moment to update you guys on what these tournaments are actually going to pay out, as I’ve been approached by some awesome sponsers who want to help make these events great.

The Season Two Invitational is being sponsered by Jellomoose of, who recently released version 3 of his excellent website. The Pillars of Amar Team Tournament is being sponsered by brlmski, who is awesome for supporting us!

Season Two Invitaional Prizing

First Place: $50 Steam Card (this ones a real steam card), a coveted Champion Discord Badge, and 6 Series Points

Second Place: $30 “Steam Card” and 4 Series Points

Third Place: $20 Steam Card (also real) and 3 Series Points

Fourth Place: $10 “Steam Card” and 2 Series Points

Fifth and Sixth Place: 1 Series Point

What are Series Points?

Pillar of Amar Updated Prizing

First Place: A $30 “Steam Card”, and a Team Champion Badge for each member of the winning team

Second Place: A $20 “Steam Card”

Third Place: A $15 “Steam Card”

Special Prize: A $5 “Steam Card” to the team that has the best Team Name, as voted by fans!

Season Two Invitational Page

Pillars of Amar Team Tournament Page

All of these prizes have been updated on the respective tournament pages. I hope you’re as excited for these tournaments as I am (although I know most of you play for the prestige, winning stuff is cool).


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