Announcing the Pillars of Amar Team Tournament!

Hello everyone, aReNGee here on the announcement train again. I hope everyone is enjoying the various ETS tournaments we continue to grow and expand! That said, there is a bit of monotony to the tournament – you mostly see what’s good in the meta at the moment, plus sideboards, and it’s always one on one. We thought we’d treat you guys to something a little bit more exciting that our run of the mill swiss tournaments. Grab your friends and get ready, because we’re announcing the Pillars of Amar Team Tournament!



The Pillars of Amar Team Tournament will take place on February 4th, 2017, beginning at 12pm EST (5pm UTC).

Tournament Format

The Basics

  • Free to Enter. No entry restrictions. Any player possessing an Eternal account may register for this tournament!
  • Independent Event. This tournament has no correlation with the Eternal Tournament Series. It does not award points, nor use them for seeding.
  • Team Tournament: Players will register as teams of three rather than individually.
  • Double Elimination. Teams will face off against each other in best of three matches. Once a team loses their first match, they will drop to the loser’s bracket. A second match loss will eliminate them from the tournament.
  • Randomized Seeds. Registered teams will be assigned their first pairing randomly.
  • Check In: Check in occurs in Discord an hour before the tournament begins.

Team Tournament

There’s two major twists for this tournament. First of all, rather than registering individually, you will register as a team of three players. You will also be registering three separate decklists, with special rules detailed below. Within a team, players will choose a deck and a letter – One player/deck will be A, one player/deck will be B, one player/deck will be C. These are totally arbitrary designations used to keep player/deck pairs distinct within a team throughout the tournament.

Once the tournament begins, teams will be matched against each other. Player A from team one will play Player A from team two, Player B will face player B, etc. Players will use the same deck for the entirety of their tournament: Player A will continue to use deck A, and CANNOT switch to deck B at any point. Players play best of three matches, and the team who wins two out of the three player matches will win the team match. That is to say, if you don’t win, both your teammates must win or your team will lose the match.

Unified Deckbuilding

The second major twist for the tournament is in the deckbuilding. Teams will be submitting three decklists for this tournament, but they won’t just be submitting any three decklists.

You cannot play more than four copies of a single card across ALL submitted decklists, including both main deck and sideboard (excluding basic sigils).

This means that if you include four copies of Seek Power in deck A, you are not allowed to include any copies of Seek Power in deck B or deck C. Similarly, if you include two copies of Backlash in the sideboard of Deck A, you only have two more copies available to play in deck B or C.

This deckbuilding restriction should prevent players from overloading on anything uninteresting (three identical Rakano decks, or 3 decks with a Combrei core with 12 copies of Sandstorm Titan) while still leaving plenty of room to be creative. While seats and banners may be limited, basic sigils are not. You could easily build a Combrei deck, a Feln Deck, and a Rakano deck with limited overlap. You’ll have to be a bit more clever in your deckbuilding decisions, but so will your opponents!

Team Communication

As this is a team event, playing alongside your team is part of the fun! You’re allowed to communicate freely with your teammates, however you may not talk to anyone other than your teammates for advice during the games. Please support each other and have a good time playing in the tournament!

Registration Link and Deadline

Registration for the tournament closes on February 2nd, 2017, at 11:59pm EST (4:59am UTC on the 1st of February).

Registration link  NOW OPEN!

In order to allow the RNG Eternal staff time to verify the unified nature of the decklists and ensure that everything is in order, we’re going to need some lead time. As such, the registration deadline is 4 days before the tournament begins.

Finding a Team

Finding three like minded players that want to play in the tournament can be tough. If you want to advertise yourself as an interested player (or pair), shoot me a pm and I’ll list you below along with some contact information so that players looking for teams can find you!

Please contact me when you’ve formed a team so I can take you off the list.

The following players are looking for a team:

  • Jarboe#1111 – The Kalis Guy. Prefers to play Stonescar if possible.
  • ExKirby#7663
  • paradox#0523 – Likes to brew, will play anything
  • BobertJoe#6218
  • Geoquake#6483 (IGN: RazorClaw+0977)
  • Come-with-me
  • Marlog#9521 (NightShadowJ+6605 in game)
  • neroh+5302, add in game, first diamond player, jito queen main
  • chankysmurf#3046 on discord and Eternal. New to the tournament scene, willing to play any deck.
  • Dontbejello – an old school MTG player/Hex player. Add in-game or

Fun Stuff

We highly recommend that you get into the team tournament! Included on the registration page is a place for a team name, which can be cool, fun, whatever you want, but please keep it appropriate. Puns of card names are looked upon favorably. Additionally, if you want to send me a team logo after we’ve confirmed your registration, feel free! Again, please keep it appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse any name or logo we feel is not appropriate for the tournament. If you don’t submit a team name, we may give you a simple one in order to quickly refer to you during coverage.

Additionally, to enhance the fun factor, we’ll be making cool graphics and announcing teams as they register on twitter to build anticipation for the event. If you’d like to opt out of the announcement and surprise everyone on game day, there is an option on the registration link. Think you can take down Team Almost Pro of Finkel, Unearthly and Neon? You’re welcome to try! Disclaimer: Maybe a real team?

Finally, if you need any help with the specifics of unified deckbuilding, have a question about the tournament, or a suggestion on how to make it more fun, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Currently Registered Teams




First Place: A $30 “Steam Card”, and a Team Champion Badge for each member of the winning team

Second Place: A $20 “Steam Card”

Third Place: A $15 “Steam Card”

Special Prize: A $5 “Steam Card” to the team that has the best Team Name, as voted by fans!


The tournament will be streamed Live starting at 11am EST on the official RNG Eternal Twitch channel. The in-house RNG Eternal casting team you know and watch will return to cover the matches, and provide in-depth coverage of the tournament’s progression.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am for this tournament, whether you’re a tournament veteran, a first time player, or an enthusiastic spectator. I look forward to seeing what team can pull together the victory!

Full Rules

  • Players must preregister one 75 card Eternal main deck and a sideboard of up to 15 cards. Decks must be legal for Eternal ranked play:
    • No more than four copies of a single card may be included between main deck and sideboard.
    • You must own every card you register.
    • You deck must meet Eternal power restrictions (minimum 1/3rd power, maximum 2/3rds power).
  • Individual matches are played in challenge games between the two players. Matches are best two out of three. You must play your main deck as registered for the first game of every match. After the first game, both players may take time to swap cards between their main deck and sideboard. Your deck must adhere to all previously mentioned deck construction rules after sideboarding.
  • There are no draws allowed, intentional or otherwise.
  • In the event of a round finishing before a match, the current game will be suspended. The player with more game wins in the match will be awarded the match win. If the players are tied, a screenshot of the current gamestate will determine the winner, in the same manner as the game itself: The player with the highest life total will win, then the player with more cards left in their deck, then the player who went second in the game.
  • Pairings will be announced by the Tournament Organizer in the Tournaments Channel on Discord, usually via a Challonge bracket. Once a round is announced, players will have 50 minutes to complete their matches.
  • Late Players: If a player has not been contacted by their opponent within 10 minutes, contact the Tournament Organizer. The opponent will have 5 minutes to appear. If they do show up during that time frame, they will suffer a game loss and players will immediately play game two with their main decks. If they do not show up at all, they will suffer a match loss and be dropped from the tournament.
  • Disconnects: Unfortunately disconnects do happen, and it is good sportsmanship to wait as long as possible for the other player to return. If you lose a game due to a disconnect, it counts as a game loss, even if you were winning beforehand. You have ten minutes from the end of the game to return and complete your matches, or you will be assigned a match loss and dropped from the tournament.
  • Players who violate one or more rules will receive a warning from the Tournament Organizer for the first offense, will be disqualified from the tournament for a second violation, and will be banned from the Eternal Tournament Series for frequent or flagrant offenses.

Card Release Legality

Cards become legal for tournament play a certain number of days after they are released, depending on the size of the release. This is to allow players to reasonably acquire the cards they need for the tournament. If a card is not legal for tournament play, you may not include it in your tournament deck. The rules are as follows:

  • Promo releases are legal once it is possibly to have acquired a playset of them. This is usually four days after they are released.
  • Small sets are legal for tournament play one week after release.
  • Large expansions are legal for tournament play two weeks after release.

Rules Violations

Being disqualified from a tournament invalidates all the Invitational Points you would have gained from that tournament, but does not prevent you from playing in future tournaments. Tournament bans are permanent but may be repealed at a later date.

We rely on the honor system for many of the aspect of our tournament system, and ask that you respect that by behaving in a reasonable and respectful man. It is our goal to provide everyone with the best tournament experience possible, and will do what we can to provide it. We reserve the right to disqualify or ban any player who we feel has intentionally attempted to exploit the system, even if they have not broken any rules currently listed here.

  • Illegal Deck – If you play or reveal a card in your deck that is not in your registered decklist (main or sideboard), you will receive a game loss and be forced to switch to your unsideboarded main deck as registered. If you notice during the Mulligan phase and can provide a screenshot of the card in your opening hand before actions have been taken, a warning will be issued and the current game will be nullified and remade.
  • Illegal Unified Deck  – If a set of decks is submitted that violated the Unified rules, we will attempt to contact the players and have them resubmit their decklists, with the invalid cards exchanged for valid ones. If they do not do so within 24 hours of being contacted, the invalid cards will be removed. If this renders one or more decks illegal, the team will unfortunately be disqualified from the tournament. If the decks are still legal (all extra copies are in the sideboards, for example) the team will be allowed to play the tournament with the modified decklists.
  • Removal Method: If extra copies of cards need to be removed, we will count copies starting in Deck A’s maindeck, then Deck B’s Maindeck, then Deck C’s maindeck, before proceeding to sideboards A -> B -> C. Cards in excess of four copies will be removed. This gives the best chance of not creating illegal main decks after cards are removed.
  • Mis-Sideboard – If you play or reveal a card in your deck that is not in your registered main deck but IS in your sideboard during the first game of a match, you will receive a game loss. However, you will be allowed to sideboard with your proper registered deck before playing additional games. If you notice during the Mulligan phase and can provide a screenshot of the card in your opening hand before actions have been taken, a warning will be issued and the current game will be nullified and remade.
  • Illegal Sideboard – If a player registers a deck with an illegal deck or sideboard configuration (too many copies of a card, too many sideboard cards, etc) they will be contacted to alter it if the error is found before decklists become public. If the error is found after decklists become public, the error will be rectified in the simplest way possible:
    • Too many sideboard cards: The player will play the first fifteen legal sideboard cards they registered.
    • More than 4 copies of a card between main deck and side deck: The main deck copies are assumed to be correct. Copies beyond 4 will be removed.
    • Illegal Card: If a player registers a banned card or a card that doesn’t exist, that card will be removed from their decklist.
    • If any of these modifications render a player’s main deck ineligible for ranked play, that player is disqualified from the tournament.
  • Stream Sniping – Watching or otherwise receiving information from the streamed broadcast of a player you are currently playing is a violation of the rules. Watching streamers during tournament rounds you are not playing them is fine! However, once the round begins and you learn your opponent, you must immediately leave their stream until the match is over. Simply muting it is not good enough. While this is difficult to find and enforce, if a player provides plausible proof that you are Stream Sniping, you will receive a warning. This is considered a flagrant offence and you will be permanently banned for multiple offenses.
  • Immediate Concession – Any match you play, you must actually play the match! You cannot snap concede a round without dropping from the tournament. If you do so, you will be dropped from the tournament.
  • Collusion/Prize Splitting – If it is suspected that one player or team intentionally threw a match for any reason, the matter will be investigated. Prize splitting is prohibited, as is offering opponents incentive to concede.
  • Multiple Accounts – Registering for a single tournament using multiple accounts is not permitted. It is also prohibited to play in a tournament using multiple accounts regardless of whose account they are and who registered them. If it’s discovered that you are playing on multiple accounts, you will be disqualified from the tournament and the incident will be investigated to determine if an ETS ban is necessary.
  • False Identity – You may not play a tournament match on an account that you do not personally own, to ensure that all results are attributed to the correct player. Violaters will be disqualified and investigated.
  • Unsportsmanlike/Abuse – Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You are allowed (indeed encouraged) to congratulate your opponent on the win and maybe share some lighthearted salt about unlucky/lucky draws, but please do not harass your opponents or other players. If you have been asked to stop, you’ve crossed the line and need to stop complaining. Never call an opponent anything demeaning or inappropriate. They engaged you in a fair contest and you should respect that. If you feel that the contest was unfair (and I don’t mean unlucky) please consult the Tournament Organizer. This is considered a flagrant offense and you will be dropped and potentially banned after your first warning.
  • BM – BM (bad manners) is not in and of itself a rules violation. In moderation, such as torching your own face before making a lethal attack, it is harmless. However, excessive BM is exceedingly disrespectful towards your opponent and will not be tolerated. If frequent complaints about BM are made, your play will be investigated.
  • Slow Play – Yes, there are some difficult decisions to make, but you slow down the rest of the tournament. Complains of frequent slow play will result in an investigation.
  • Reasonable Limits – If we suspect you have broken any laws during the course of a tournament, we reserve the right to disqualify you and/or investigate.
  • False Report – If you constantly report the incorrect match results, you will be investigated and potentially disqualified and/or banned. In the even of a match dispute, a screenshot of your profiles recent match history should reveal the winner.


  1. I’d like to note that you probably need to update the following rule for this particular tournament:

    Collusion/Prize Splitting – While weekly tournaments have no cash prizes, the lure of an Invitational Qualification is strong. If it is suspected that one player intentionally threw a match to allow another player to qualify, the matter will be investigated.

    That looks word for word form the ETS events, as this particular event is completely separate from the ETS qualifiers and this event does indeed have a prize payout for it :).

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