ETS Rules Update and Banning Announcement

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that one of the players at yesterday’s ETS weekly has been acting in a manner that cannot be described as sportsmanlike. One of the players registered under two different accounts, and is believed to have played under both for the duration of the tournament. As I was baffled to find that this was not in fact against the rules as written at the time, no action has been taken against this player with regards to yesterday’s tournament. However, as this is certainly against the spirit of the competition and gives players a “competitive edge” by allowing them a whole other “tournament life” so to speak, the rules of the ETS are changing immediately to prohibit this action.

Multiple Accounts – Registering for a single tournament using multiple accounts is not permitted. It is also prohibited to play in a tournament using multiple accounts regardless of whose account they are and who registered them. If it’s discovered that you are playing on multiple accounts, you will be disqualified from the tournament and the incident will be investigated to determine if an ETS ban is necessary.

In association with this incident, the Eternal account “JacksonKnorr” has been permanently banned from the ETS and all RNG Eternal run tournaments. A full list of accounts banned from tournament play is available at the bottom of the ETS Rules page.

Finally, there is an additional rule that’s being added to clearly explain how cases where players register illegal decks are handled. While we dealt with the issue when it came up before, now it is clear how the issue will be handled.

Illegal Sideboard – If a player registers a deck with an illegal deck or sideboard configuration (too many copies of a card, too many sideboard cards, etc) they will be contacted to alter it if the error is found before decklists become public. If the error is found after decklists become public, the error will be rectified in the simplest way possible:

  • Too many sideboard cards: The player will play the first fifteen legal sideboard cards they registered.
  • More than 4 copies of a card between main deck and side deck: The main deck copies are assumed to be correct. Copies beyond 4 will be removed.
  • Illegal Card: If a player registers a banned card or a card that doesn’t exist, that card will be removed from their decklist.
  • If any of these modifications render a player’s main deck ineligible for ranked play, that player is disqualified from the tournament.

While I would much prefer not to change the rules of the tournament midseason, I felt that the importance of these rules to the ETS outweighed the downsides of a midseason change. We will continue to review the rules with each passing tournament and make the changes that we believe will lead to the best experience for all involved parties. Thank you all for your understanding and your support of the Eternal Tournament Series.

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