Announcing RNG Eternal’s new Production Team!

Hello everyone, I’m aReNGee. Seven months ago, I was just some guy writing Masterlist articles on the official forums. Then came the Tier List, and some videos, and three months ago I launched RNG Eternal with the help of my good friend Neon. Since then, we’ve really taken off and the Eternal Tournament Series has been a huge hit, prompting me to proudly announce that the RNG Eternal team has expanded yet again. In order to best serve the needs of the ever-growing tournament series, RNG Eternal has expanded to add a real, full time producer, a pair of skilled primary casters, and whatever the heck Rekenner’s job title is. Without further ado, let me officially introduce the new members of the team:



Twitch: @millertool
Twitter: @millertool
Youtube: MillerTool
Reddit: /u/millertool
Discord: MillerTool#1679
IGN: millertool

By far the most critical member added in this wave, MillerTool is the guy behind the scenes producing the Eternal Tournament Series tournaments. While previously produced by myself, aReNGee, I’m not a skilled producer nor was I capable of producing high quality streams. With the addition of MillerTool, our quality issues seems to be resolved, and we start adding tons of cool additions to the stream to enhance your viewer experience. We look forward to working with MillerTool towards our goal of a weekly ETS stream.


Tournament Organizer/Stats Guy

Reddit: /u/rekenner
Discord: rekenner#1924
IGN: rekenner+4518

Rekenner is the invaluable addition to the team that I didn’t know was missing. With only one person (me) handling production, tournament organization, decklist verification, etc simultaneously, all aspects suffered. Rekenner has come in and blown us away with his enthusiasm and competence. He’s more or less taken over running the ETS Weeklies, in addition to stat crunching and pointing out cool decklists behind the scenes. If you want to know how many times Kalis has made Top 8, Rekenner’s your man.

If you want to win an Invitational match, look elsewhere.



Twitter: @Bairdrus
Discord: Bairdrus#9965
IGN: : Bairdrus+3110

Bairdrus brings to the table another reliable full time caster that will help ensure that a single caster being unavailable will not derail a tournament. Before, 10 hour days and aReNGee solocasts were the norm for tournaments. Now, Bairdrus will lend his vetran casting expertise to the stream, and keep the action flowing smoothly while Neon and Ace take a break. With now four primary casters, we should be able to move into having some of the team on the Analysis desk during the tournament, carefully following the brackets and decklists and improving your viewship experience.

In addition to these three additions to the team, the ETS stream will be featuring the veteran casting experience of Veveil as our fourth primary caster, alongside Neon, LightsOutAce, and Bairdrus.

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