Viewer’s Guide to the Eye of Winter Classic

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Eye of Winter Classic! At the time of this writing, we have over 50 players registered for the EoWC, making it the largest Eternal tournament ever held! With so many players, this is going to be a very long tournament with a lot to keep track of, so let’s dive right into the best way to keep track of the tournament!

Watching the Tournament

Beginning at 11am EST on Dec 28th, the tournament will be broadcast live in its entirety on

If you’re reading this on Tuesday, that’s tomorrow. The tournament is going to be at least 17 rounds, so it’s gonna be a long one. If you miss any of the rounds, or want to go back and watch the highlights, everything will be uploaded to Youtube so you’ll still be able to check out the matches!

I (aReNGee) will be personally handling production again for this event, armed with a better method to view the games and a sweet overlay made by Discord/Reddit mod Zureiya. Many of the production issues which plagued the November Invitational should have been resolved for this broadcast. In the casting booth we have Neon returning as our primary caster, and he’s going to be joined by Sir Rhino for the duration. We have no caster rotation for this tournament, so it’s going to be a very long day for them! LightsOutAce is not available to cast this event, but we’ll be bringing him back for future tournaments.

Unfortunately I was unable to secure a producer for the secondary stream of this tournament, so all the Casters who applied are going to need a separate tournament in which to showcase their talents. The primary stream is the only one that will be running tomorrow.

Following the Eye of Winter Classic

Obviously the official stream is the best way to follow along with the EoWC, but also obviously that isn’t an option for many people. The official bracket is a good way to track the action if you can’t watch the stream, and you can follow me on Twitter for round updates and gamebreaks during the tournament. If you miss the whole thing and want to rewatch it, the entire tournament will be uploaded round by round to Youtube for you to watch at your leisure.

Players to Watch

We’ve got a good number of big name players at the EoWC, many of whom you’re already familiar with, alongside dozens of players out to make a name for themselves. While the majority of players in this tournament are new to the tournament scene or still yet to have a breakout performance, let’s take a look at some of the well-known players playing in the event! This list may increase or decrease as players register in the final hours.


Season Two ETS Results: 1 Weekly Winner, 1 Weekly Top 8
Season One ETS Results: 7th at the November Invitational, 1 Weekly Winner

Unearthly is a top three ladder player well-known for his Rakano decks and skill, most recently winning the last ETS Weekly playing Rakano. He’s played in the double elimination November Invitational, and while he fell short there, he wasn’t playing his trademark deck. He’ll be looking to bounce back and add the EoWC to his list of wins.


Season Two ETS Results: 1 Weekly Top 8
Season One ETS Results: 5th at the November Invitational, 1 Weekly Top 8

A consistent top 100 ladder player, Shedd had a deep run at the invitational but no weekly wins to his name (yet). Will he continue to flourish in Double Elimination tournaments?


Season One ETS Results: 9th at the November Invitational, 1 Weekly Winner

Babam is a longtime Eternal player, dating back to the earliest days of the beta. He played extensively in the original Scion’s League tournaments, but is more selective about which ETS tournaments he attends. When he does, he plays to win. Look for him to make a deep run as he aims for first!

“Dark Lord” Finkel

Artist’s Rendition
(Not this Finkel)

Season Two ETS Results: None
Season One ETS Results: None
Ladder Results: #4 in November, #1 in October, #1 in September

Jokingly nicknamed “the Dark Lord,” Finkel is one of the very best Eternal Ladder players, with back to back Rank 1s in closed beta. Known for meta defining decks, Finkel personally created and refined such well-known decks as Elysian Shimmerpack, Flight School, and Finkel 4F Control, which bears his name. This is his inaugural tournament. Can this ladder juggernaut and perennial #1 make his mark on tournament play as well, or will he remain a best-of-one hit wonder?

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