November Invitational Update

Hello everyone! We’re less than two weeks away from the November Invitational and I hope you’re all getting as excited as I am! Now that we’re closer to the actual date I think its time to roll out more details about qualifiying and the actual event itself. Six players have already qualified, but there’s still ten more spots to fill!

Qualifying for the Invitational

This weekend’s ETS Weekly will be the LAST opportunity for players to earn Invitational Points in the month of November. The top two players at the event will qualify for the Invitational as usual, and after Invitational Points from the tournament are assigned, they are locked in. In addition to those already qualified from weekly tournaments, the players with the highest amount of Invitational Points will be invited until 14 players have been invited. Since this is your last chance to earn Invitational Points, I advise you to play out all your rounds to earn as many points as possible. Players will be formally invited on Sunday, November 20th, and must respond by Tuesday, November 22nd so replacements can be found, if necessary.

Aren’t there sixteen players at the Invitational? Where are the last two players coming from?

Once fourteen players have been invited, the final two slots go up for grabs. On Saturday, November 26th, the Eternal Tournament Series is holding a Last Chance Qualifier for the Invitational. The tournament will be run exactly like an ETS Weekly, with two exceptions. Firstly, players will not earn Invitational Points from winning matches. Secondly, players who have already qualified for the Invitational are barred from entering the tournament to allow other players to earn their slot. The top two players will qualify for the Invitational the night before!

The November Invitational


Invited players must formally submit their decklists by Friday, November 25th. Players who qualified for the Invitational via the Last Chance Qualifier will have until Midnight EST on Sunday, November 27th to submit their decklists. The tournament itself will begin at 12pm EST (5pm UTC/9am PST) on Sunday, November 27th. While this is a relatively early for our West Coast players, the tournament will take many hours to complete and its necessary to get an early start in case of round delays.

Format and Seeding

The Invitational is a sixteen player Double Elimination tournament. Matches are played best of three even in Loser’s Bracket, with the exception of the Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals, which are played best of five. The player who reaches the Grand Finals through the Winner’s Bracket has Winner’s Advantage and must be defeated twice for the Loser’s Bracket player to win the tournament.

Players are seeded based on how they qualified:

  1. Weekly Winners
  2. Last Chance Qualifier Winner
  3. Weekly Finalists
  4. Last Chance Qualifier Finalist
  5. Invited based on Invitational Points

Players will be seeded within their qualifier ranking based on Invitational Points, if necessary. The tournament bracket with placeholder names is now ready to go. Be ready to follow the bracket once the tournament goes live and cheer on your favourite players!


The entire tournament will be streamed live on and hosted by aReNGee himself. I’m still finalizing the rest of the production team, but be sure to tune in at 11:30am EST (4:30pm UTC/8:30am PST) for the Tournament Preview where we will introduce the players, discuss what sort of decks player’s brought, and read the results of the fan vote. For this tournament I’m going to ask that streamers record their perspective rather than stream it live, as I’d like everyone to watch the main stream but don’t want to deny viewers the opportunity to see from the player’s perspective.

Another Invitational update will be released closer to the tournament itself, as will an official invitation list and the fan vote!

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