Announcing New Columnists

Last week, in an effort to increase our content production to the point where we have new content daily, RNG Eternal put out an application asking for new writers. We were blown away by the response and far more people than we expected replied. Thanks to all of you that did, and there were many great applications, but for the moment we’ve decided to add two new writers to our roster. I’m happy to annouce that LocoPojo and LightsOutAce have both joined the RNG Eternal team as weekly columnists. LightsOutAce will be posting his articles on Wednesday, and LocoPojo will be posting his articles on Fridays. In addition, I’d like to formally announce that Neon has expanded his role and is now the primary editor of the site, responsible for making sure that all our spelling and grammar is up to snuff. I hope you look forward to seeing what our new team produces as much as I do!

Our Current Content Schedule

Monday: Neon – Going Deep

Tuesday: aReNGee (Feature articles)

Wednesday: LightsOutAce – Lights Out

Thursday: Tier List Update/Feature Article

Friday: LocoPojo – Scions School

Check RNG Eternal every weekday for fresh Eternal content!

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