Top 100 Ranked Players (October Season)

As most of you may know, patch 1.13 added a fun new feature to ranked mode (and draft). It now shows the ranking that you had when the ladder reset at the end of last season. That means that if you ended in Diamond I, you’ll be shown to have been Diamond I last season. This adds extra incentive for players to grind to Master, as they have the added bragging rights of showing their exact placement on the ladder. September was the first season for which we had these rankings, but I was unable to compile all of them in time. I’ve been able to compile the list of top 100 Masters players for the October season. The full list is below, but I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the top players that have revealed themselves, based on the October ranks and the September ranks that I do know.

Finkel (#1 in October, #1 in September)

Finkel is without a doubt one of the best Eternal players at the moment, finishing #1 on ladder in back to back months. He has a signature deck that bears his name (Finkel 4F control) and he’s no slouch at drafting either, finishing top twenty Master in draft as well. If you have your eyes on number one, you’re going to have to go through him to get it.

Unearthly (#3 in October, #2 in September)

Another perennial top finisher, Unearthly and finkel are usually trading off the top spot during the month. He’s a true master of the Rakano deck and whatever he’s playing usually defines the stock lists for the entire archetype.

LighteningBall (#5 in October, #16 in September)

A well known Eternal writer, he’s pioneered and popularized more than a few decklists, with Mono Justice splash Shadow probably being the most well known. He has recently discussed how to reach high ladder rank, and he uses his decks and strategies to good effect in his climbs, being one of several people to hold rank 1 at one point last month.

LightsOutAce (#11 in October, #10 in September)

A very impressive and consistant player, with two top twenty finishes. He’s an early adopter and top tier pilot of Icaria Blue.

Unfortunately there are many players with consistant top finishes that I’d like to acknowledge, but cannot because I don’t have their September results. Expect a lot more acknowledgements next time, once we have our November ladder results!

October Ranked Ladder


Player Name

September Rank (if known)

1 finkel 1
2 NeonBlonde 57
3 Unearthly 2
4 weiseguy
5 LighteningBall 16
6 Vlach
7 camat0
8 aReNGee 87
9 itsme2283
10 Kirushi
11 LightsOutAce 10
12 Racecar0
13 TooLegit
14 MoistVL
15 cmanierm
16 Sakegeist
17 Bluebird503 27
18 Mule50
19 jtoyoda
20 EmperorBadger 66
21 Agle717
22 Fifteen
23 Trodsen
24 Otter
25 GoodguyJM
26 Madotsuki
27 ShaukuE
28 elcar
29 SeizeTheDay
30 Tuesday
31 Nksor
32 Stooglefish
33 Rejiko
34 brlmski
35 WBlennow
36 Rinnie
37 sylverfyre
38 vacantvisionary
39 tymmbee
40 PointyFinger 8
41 Auraswarm
42 chapman 41
43 OdinFK
44 Medjaw
45 KorethVahn
46 TheFerRealWizard 72
47 aublewoble 69
48 ralle911
49 unapin
50 DonRocco
51 lordchunkers
52 sadbot
53 eroqa
54 Pandorica
55 maxlongitude
56 Jestr
57 DeathGrips 3
58 Mosas
59 Uncuckable
60 sojourner
61 shedd 49
62 NotAMeme
63 gamergc
64 stuntmanm1ke
65 Sidenote
66 LocoPojo
67 YannB
68 Rargonaut
69 zmntcrst
70 Ilyak1986
71 CoolCat
72 Oghan
73 CowCowCowCowCow
74 Sibwow
75 vinegarymink 20
76 SupaChalupa
77 teriyakiboyz
78 TheAvocado96
79 Morlock
80 MadJayEm
81 Dresden
82 mrgreen293
83 Killah
84 Tellflame
85 EzyYe
86 Milkman
87 Jacobs
88 Markofconfusion 19
89 Sunyveil 31
90 Mahesvari
91 omen47
92 VegaPrime
93 Necroci
94 PTKtempo
95 Styles
96 tknight95
97 BackwardsHero
98 Mooshanka
99 jester
100 puddle

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